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  Posted: Jun 1, 2012 12:50 PM FEED
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Carlisle, Pa #flashbackfriday Chilling in the road again.

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My buddy John Humphrey @macroscopic is bringing solar chargers, batteries and water filtration systems DIRECTLY to the UNITED STATES CITIZENS of Puerto Rico himself. He works in solar energy and he knows what he’s doing. If you can help and want to make sure your effort goes DIRECTLY into the hands of a fellow citizen struggling right now in Puerto Rico, this is a great place to start. LINK IN MY BIO
My cousin Nic and his friends are doing a good thing. Raising money to take supplies down to the people of the Florida keys. If you want to know more and if you can help even a little here is a place where your money can go directly to helping people on the ground. Link in his bio @nicaguero ❤️💪✌️
Another one in the books with best campers there are. Funnest weekend of the year. Thanks my love @reginak for organizing every year. #tbt #flashchill2017 R.I.P. Empanada Bird
Not sleeping and making the most of my time here on earth. 🤓😴🤞
The last camp in Colorado was a good one. Great Sand Dunes never disappoint. 🚙⛰🎯 --📷@poundcakenyc Happy 4th and thank you @greatsanddunesnps
You can find me in the lost and found...somewhere in the canyon.