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cɑpтɪօɴ cօɴтɛsт! тʜɛʀɛ sʜɑʟʟ вɛ օɴɛ wɪɴɴɛʀ ɑɴd тʜɛʏ sʜɑʟʟ wɪɴ ɛтɛʀɴɑʟ ɢʟօʀʏ. օʀ вʀɑɢɢɪɴɢ ʀɪɢʜтs. вɑsɪcɑʟʟʏ тʜɛ sɑϻɛ тʜɪɴɢ #joshhutcherson #captioncontest #joshhutchersonfanpage #journey2
ωɧɛɳ ɪɱ ʂⱥժ, ɪ ʝʊʂɬ ɬɧɪɳƙ ⱥƄøʊɬ ƈøɳɳøʀ ɧʊɬƈɧɛʀʂøɳ ɬⱥℓƙɪɳɠ ⱥƄøʊɬ ƈøøɬɪɛʂ ɪɳ ℓɪɬɬℓɛ ɱⱥɳɧⱥɬɬⱥɳ #cooties #cuties #connorhutcherson #joshhutcherson #hutchersonboys #joshie #littlemanhattan #gabe #hungergames #peeta
ɧɛʀɛ ƈøɱɛʂ ɬɧɛ ʂɱøʉℓժɛʀ..... ωɧⱥɬ ժø ყøʉ ɠʉყʂ ɬɧɪɳƙ ⱥƄøʉɬ ɬɧɪʂ ƒøɳɬ? ʂøʀʀყ ɪ ɧⱥѵɛɳɬ Ƅɛɛɳ øɳ ɪɳ ⱥ ωɧɪℓɛ... #josh#joshhutcherson#smoulder#journeytothecenterofearth#journey2#peeta#hungergames
Hutcherdad comes in your room. "do you want to go out where everyone else is?" he asks. You'd like that, so he helps you get out to the couch. You sit down next to josh. He smiles his sweet smile at you. Your friend is flirting with Connor and its obviously working. Mrs hutcherson comes in with taboo. Josh and you are put on separate teams. You begin jokingly trash talking eachother. He grabs your hand as the game begins. "you're gonna lose, beautiful." he says. You smile. @Retljrh2113
Your best friend walks in. she immediately goes to what's on her mind. "josh has got his eye on you. Can you believe it? Josh hutcherson!" you groan, but she continues, "I overheard him talking to connor. He said 'dibs on injured girl' isn't that funny? Just like in journey to the center of the earth! I jut think....." you cover her mouth. "your fangirling is NOT helping me rest," you say. She apologizes and asks if he knows your name. "he just calls me Beautiful" you reply. "point proven!" she says. You glare at her, so she leaves to let you rest. You wonder if he really said that. It seems possible. Judging by the way he looks at you. And the way he kissed you....... @Retljrh2113
You wake up in the morning to see there's still a snowstorm outside. You hear people talking in hushed voices outside you door. "shoo, boys" you hear a female say. Then mrs hutcherson walks in with a bowl of cereal. "I'd have something better, but I can't cook with the power out." she explains. You smile. You try to speak, but once again, nothing comes out. "it's ok, honey. Just rest your voice." mrs hutcherson walks out. You pick up the spoon and notice how much your arm hurts. You feel a little lonely. Until josh walks in. "morning, beautiful. How ya feeling?" he asks with a beautiful smile. He doesn't expect an answer. "can you talk today? It would be nice to know you're name so I don't just call you beautiful". You get your voice back and say, "beautiful is a nice name." he replies, "a true one, too." @Retljrh2113
You wake up to see josh's face. "oh thank goodness" he says. "you scared me to death, beautiful". You have been out for 2 hours. you look at your arm and see that it has been bandaged. Then you see Connor and mr. Hutcherson. You open your mouth to talk, but no sound comes out. Mr. Hutcherson says to get some rest, so he and Connor leave. Josh looks into your eyes and pushes your hair back. He kisses your forehead and says, "sweet dreams, beautiful". You know you'll have them.@Retlhrh2113 @jenschoppmann
(btw guys I can't promise what I put in Thea about the hutchersons is factual. U know the way the Internet is...) You look at hutcherdad pleadingly. Your arm is not numbed. But this was something that has to be done. It is the only way You will heal. He makes eye contact with the boys, and they know what it means. They both squeezed your hands tighter, for support, and then loosen a bit. Then You felt the metal. You freak out. Josh pushes your hair out of your face (still holding your hand). He whispers in your ear. "come on, beautiful. Not much longer. You'll be ok." but the pain is a lot. You go unconscious. @Retlhrh2113 @jenschoppmann
The sky was dark. You cant get out. It began to snow. Hard. There was no way you would be able to get out for a while. To make it worse, the hutchersons live in a small town. There wont be any snowplows. Luckily, hutcherdad was in the war for a while. He knows how to help your wound a little bit. Your friend and hutchermom can't stand to see it. Mrs hutcherson goes to her room, and Connor leads your friend to a guest room. Connor comes back. Hutcherdad has them lay you on a twin bed. He looks at your wound and says that the bullet was old... And You have blood poisoning. He comes in with a clean rag and a bucket of cold water. Connor asks him a question. You think you hear the word hurt, but your head is spinning and You can't be sure. But it seems likely when hutcherdad nods and Connor and josh immediately go to both sides of you and grab your hands (josh on the injured arm). Hutcherdad lays your arm on a towel. He begins to rinse it out with water. It does hurt. But a good hurt. The water feels cool and cleansing... But every cleansing comes with a price. It stings a little, but hey doesn't that mean You're Recovering? The worst part is feeling where the water goes. It freaks you out. The water goes deep. You can feel it in your arm. You try not to think about it. Finally, he stops. He makes sure he didn't get excess water in your blood. Josh and Connor look disgusted. You don't want to think about what it looks like. Hutcherdad looks used to it. He must've seen it a lot in the war. Then he picks up a metal tool. It is time to remove the bullet. @Retlhrh2113 @jenschoppmann
The shot was easily heard in the hutchersons house... Not to mention you both screamed when it happened. Now You're moaning in agony and your friend is freaking out. Hutcherdad comes out to see what's going on. It doesn't take long for him to figure it out. He has a broken arm, so he goes inside for help. Connor and, to your surprise, josh come out. Connor leads your friend inside because she's shocked and crying. Josh helps you up and leads you in. They have you lay down on the couch. Josh holds your hand (the one on your good arm) and your fangirl moment distracts you from your pain. All in all its still excruciating and josh can only slightly help in comfort. Connor is at the side of your friendschair, trying to soothe her. It begins to work after she gets over the initial shock. Hutcherdad is distracted by hutchermom. It begins to storm. Then they realize they need to call 911. But as Hutcherdad goes to the phone there's a huge clap of thunder and a lightning strike. The electricity goes out. Connor reaches for his cell phone, only to realize the phone lines are down too. @jenschoppmann
Ok... So it seems like there was a positive response to whether or not you want a story, so I guess I'll give you one. Tell me what you think! There will be age adjustments in this. You, your best friend, and Connor hutcherson are all around the same age as josh. You are in Kentucky. Just your best friend and you. For a weekend of just having fun during your long winter break. You keep hoping You'll see Connor hutcherson, but figure you won't. You decide to take an evening walk. You take it in the hutchersons neighborhood. You see their house and freak out. This is it! You may finally get to see Connor! Maybe... As you walk past their house there's a gunshot. A drive by shooting. By their driving they are obviously drunk. The problem is, they got you in the arm.
Should I write you guy a story? A really sweet one about you and the hutchersons? I already have ideas that I'd love to share with you guys but I don't wanna write it if you don't wanna read it.