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hachimatt 280w ago
Police blocking people in at full on rosebank road.

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Loaded and headed for Te Rapa, Hamilton.
First overheight load of a PTR roller going from Pukekohe back to Papakura
Moving a tractor with hay spreader this morning.
Loading on the side of the northwestern motorway this morning.
Not a bad morning to be doing a pick from queens wharf at the cloud.
@nickteeboon this is the best way to get your truck around aye?
Rocco and Jet chilling on top of a mound of wood shavings.
Nice walk out at muriwai in the forest yesterday.
Flashback/foot plant Friday, another @ryanfoley123 photo from around 2008/2009 up at stanmore bay.
Wind back Wednesday with a tabletop at shad bolt park. Photo taken by @ryanfoley123 in 2008.
Jet, Maya and Rocco howling away
Legacy playing around in the paddock earlier on today at 12 weeks old.
Having a small session done on my back after work with @keithatlin
Maya, Rocco and Jet chilling out in the arena after a hot day.
Spent the early hours or the morning watching this wee boy being delivered.