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Send me dead flowers to my wedding and I won't forget to put roses on your grave

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A stolen car crashed into another car exactly where we’re supposed to park and load in. Detroit tonight at the Magic Stick
Hey! Playing a headlining show at the el ray! @elviskuehn joining us on keys so excited to play here I've grown up going to shows here!
Really not into the voyeuristic hotel shower trend. How am I in Las Vegas again?
More of Colorado. Does anyone what this is called?
One more of telluride. I wish I could hang out here for a week.
I know on stage festival photos aren't the coolest thing to but look at the sunset! Colorado is beautiful and I love it to death and I love it's people
Seattle was great. The jewel of the Pacific Northwest. Neumos is always a good time.
On the road again! Text me if ya want to see me!
They gave me a really sick shirt in Lexington Kentucky