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Tonight I stayed sexy and didn't get murdered #mfm #sweethonesty look and listen
When someone sends you flowers and knows your love of true crime @myfavoritemurder can't wait for sat 🤡 @sjobrien5713
Happy 32 yrs around the sun together 💁🏻💁🏻 @sjobrien5713 can't wait to see you
Messages on dating apps I log into once every 6 months 😂
When @sjobrien5713 and I had our senior pics taken together circa 2003 can't wait to see you and build a snugg nest for murder shows 🐰🐰
@nikkibohnita I'm not sure what's going on here but we had a fun Saturday and a dance party in our lyft after some drunk girl spilled a full margarita all over my legs ... I don't remember that cookie 🍪 so I guess it doesn't count
Sometimes I let strangers touch my nips no big deal
This little baby was going to get trampled in Brooklyn
Also this lil b in NYC ......I think it's called the Statue of Liberty or something but that's none of my business