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  Posted: Jun 1, 2012 3:23 AM FEED
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This past week was super fun with these two ladies. Stoked for you to come back in December @christinagemora ! Here’s a lil throwback of all of us in Bangkok earlier this year 🌹
Shout out to my v talented friend @christinagemora for this little baby. So stoked on it! Also peep the flaming dice by @mirandalarson_atc right above it. #spookyfoot
It's my birthday and @mirandalarson_atc got me the best birthday present ever. Thanks @avamartinriggins for making my hair look so awesome! And thanks to my bestie for making it happen ❤️
Happy birthday to my shithead in crime. We've been thru it all! Through living together, wrecked cars, garbage ex boyfriends, and falling over in the streets. You're the only person I know who can out loud me while simultaneously drinking me under the table. I'm sorry I gave you adderall that one time. I learned my lesson. Love you
Photos and videos from Japan that I didn't post 🥀
Mother in Kyoto, Japan 1987 and me in Kyoto, Japan 2017.
Two photos taken 30 years apart. When my Mom was 25 she traveled the world with her friends and Japan was one of her favorite places. She would show me pictures of her travels and I remember being obsessed with her photos from Japan. It became the number one place I always wanted to visit. Now here I am, the same age as she was in that photo, doing the same things she was, and it feels so surreal. This is a tribute to the most important person in my world, my Mother. Thank you for your wisdom, support, and love. Everyday I strive to be more like you because you're the most amazing person I know. Thanks for never giving up on me. Life goal achieved.
So excited about this new piece by @bunta_holieglory !! Thank you so much !
Angkor Wat is seriously so impressive and amazing.
Worth the 7 panic attacks and 4 near death experiences we had to get here. Our "chill" beach day turned into No Chill beach day 2k17
Seriously feeling so fortunate to have this opportunity and to be able to share it with two amazing ladies @mirandalarson_atc @christinagemora