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So excited to stand by your side when you marry the love of your life in two weeks!! I hope you enjoyed your bachelorette weekend. Love you, my person! #maidofhonor #teaellecgardencafe #victorianteaparty #spookytime #penisshapedeverything
Posted: Oct 7, 2017 9:49 PM
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I just really want to share this with you guys! When we went we were expecting an unending line, but to our surprise we were one of the first 100 or so there. and even when we left, the line was barely down the block. Nobody likes #FOMO on good steals. @uniquevintage
I may or may not have (spoiler: I did) started crying the second they sent me this snap. God, imagine my hot mess at the wedding! 😭💕 I love themmmmmm! 29 more days til the ring! #mygaydads #imtheirbiggestfan #imtheirchild #bff #MOH #maidofdishonor
Deep fried pickles...pretty much our dinner because once our food came, we were too full. Jerica and I finally had time to catch up with our girl, Pash after not seeing her since before she left for Asia. We didn’t even buy drinks and we were dying the entire time. #delicate #asd #whatdoyoumeanhesokay #heshotaf #livingthroughyoubooboo #whenmysnapchatdoesntwanttoshowusinthesameplace
I can't believe this lil nugget is 9 years old! I remember when she was still in @fancynancyrn 's belly and now she's a sassy and smart 9 year old. Where has the time gone?! 😩 Love my Audrey 💕 #stopgrowingup #happybirthday
Posted: Sep 17, 2017 6:01 AM
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My lil godbabies are the sweetest lil things. I love them so much. I swear I tried to run away with Aria on my way out the door 😂 we shared a slice of chocolate cake and loved the frosting the most while Ethan slept through all the chaos of kids running around and screaming. #inaanaks #ninanglove #ninangduties
Feelin' spooky. Don't ask me why I love shrek so much...I just do! #shrekislove LOL
My dearest Sam! My Florida, California, Texas Queen! I miss you so much:( Happy birthday, eat everything and be merry! It's been too long since we last saw each other. Is it December yet? Even if it means I only get to see you for a day or so, I will make you egg rolls and not burn them haha
Happy Birthday to one of the strongest women I've been lucky enough to call one my best friends! I've never met anyone like you, with your spirit and energy. Through all the good and bad, you're a light that shines and always comes out on top! Never ever change! When I grow up and become a mama, I wanna be just like you! Haha
Spent all day in line for the 'IT' Experience for the final day, yesterday. What we thought would be a couple of hours in line turned into an all day event. The walk through was great but did not meet my expectations, but the VR experience made it worth it. 5/5 would do again minus the million hours waiting. It could have definitely been organized better. We were lucky enough to have people in line with us who would take turns with us getting in and out of line for food, drinks, bathroom breaks, etc. as well as providing good company. Winding down to the last few hours we were exhausted and grumpy and gross from the sun. But we made it! & Georgie told me that he liked my dress because it made me look like Wednesday Addams! <3 sweet, sweet Georgie 💕🎈 #theitexperience #theitexperiencehollywood #it #pennywise #youllfloattoo #hauntedhouse #vr #georgie #ssgeorgie #neibolthousehollywood #neiboltstreet
My godmother just flew in from London with a ton of tea for me! I'm so excited!!!
Had a family day at the pier, eating all the seafood, ice cream, and a 45 minute boat ride! @darling_chrissy4 mastered photographing half her face LOL! We were hoping for some cooler weather, but got hit in the face with some 97 degree weather 😩 #family #bonding #qualityseafoodmarket #redondobeach #southbay #familydayout #crabbing #playtime #wheredidthisfamilygetthislilwhiteboy 😂
Posted: Aug 15, 2017 7:56 PM
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When you finally use some of your rewards points and get your free samples. & scored the philosophy purity jumbo bundle at such a good price 😍 and birthday gift! Ahhhhh gimme all the things! #sephora #philosophy #purity #skincare #makeup #toofacedcosmetics #tartecosmetics #urbandecay #makeupforever #viktorrolf #guerlainmonguerlain #fragrance #livingproof #perfecthairday #firstaidbeauty #FAB
You all fill the dark parts of my heart with light and love. My heart is so full! Thank you everyone for making 28 not look or feel so bad. I love you all so much! You made my birthday so amazing! I can't believe we had five tables full of people and then people over for family time tonight. You keep me younggggg 👵🏽👵🏽👵🏽💕#delikators #delicate #swiperightordie #birthday #family #yardhouse #beeroclock #mystupidface
Posted: Aug 5, 2017 1:07 AM
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I did my own acrylics for the first time last night while half asleep. With more practice I'm sure I'll perfect the shaping! #nails #acrylicsnails #fullset #accentnail #glitter #crueltyfreenailpolish