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  Posted: May 31, 2012 11:56 PM FEED
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Too much sitting in traffic

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Sometimes it was hard to tell what song they were playing as every version sounded like punk rock to me. This was one i actually heard the melody. Serious mosh pit on both sides of the wall. This band was actually pretty good. The guitarist killed it all night. Men and women are separated. Of course they crossed over a little. Mostly poking through between the curtain. I was probably the only woman on the men side except for the kids. Most if all, wowzers can these people party. I'm spent and i didn't dance or drink. #mazeltov #mtlmoments #montreal and thanks @ellteephoto for being a generous photographer. Hope i didn't get in your way too much. And thank your 2nd. He was super nice too. Enjoy the rest of the evening. Nice meeting both of you!
@pinnygniwisch 's daughter's wedding! My first hassidic wedding. I'm so out of place. It's a gorgeous wedding! Every one is glammed up. #mtlmoments #montreal #avibreindy
The colours today are kinda insane. Lachine canal. #mtlmoments #montreal
Pumpkins! Atwater market. 1. That guy was over 6 feet tall. 2. Also over 6 feet tall. 3. Not 6 feet tall. #mtlmoments #montreal
This seagull was hilarious. Straight out of a movie. It started stalking me. When I wasn't looking it stopped and stared at me. I would look over, it would start waddling. Nothing to see here. Move along. 1. I noticed it bc it was on the other side of the tree. 2. It walked around. 3. It checked to see if i was looking then... moving along... ladida .. #westmount #mtlmoments #montreal
@japandroids 1. That close. 2. Yes. So close. Taking selfies. 3. Spitting close. 4. The crowd is rambunctious. #mtlmoments #montreal | @bad_feeling_mag
I showed up way too early to shoot a concert. I caved and ate the best worst burger in town - the BUCK burger from Dilallo. #mtlmoments #montreal
#wds2017 expo 1. Sun rays through palais des congres 2. Do we need another package 3. #montreal t shirts 4. Places to sit 5. Legos! And montreal design declaration 6.7. Microsoft surface 8. Transformer table from dinner to coffee table 9. Surfaces 10. Death stars. Not really. Info. #mtlmoments
#seri_intelligente Mcgill's facial recognition spotted and zoomed across the room, recognized faces in sea of faces, and more. No one is safe. #montreal
The best part of working these SERI events is that catering gets better each time. Making sorbet on site. #seri_intelligente #mtlmoments #montreal
Gotta love Claude for mentioning a social media use case for a client boot manufacturer using Nexalogy to find out they had 2 undiscovered markets. One of them being dominatrixs. Said to an event organized by the city to create bridges btwn academic and businesses. #seri_intelligente #mtlmoments #montreal
I have mini crush on Jan Gehl. I'd have beers with him. Ok. He'd drink beer and I would listen to his stories. #wds2017
Liking Maureen Thurston's keynote. Putting this here so i remember. #wds2017
What she didn't say was about generosity. Sharing ideas and planting seeds/notions. Having people come back to her with her own ideas as if they were their own.