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PSA: please make sure your hitch receiver is fastened to your car, truck or van with the appropriate pins or whatever keeps it in place. A work van in front of me dropped one of the top of the van and it came bouncing at me at 70mph on hwy40 west. I hit my brakes and tried to let it pas under my car but on its las bounce it hit my car straight in the grill. At least it wasn’t my windshield but now my car looks real bad.
It has been a long month but it is almost all finished. Tearing a wall down (and putting a beam in it's place) isn't that hard but it is dirty, especially with an older farm house that has mud dauber, & mice nests and other sundry unknown insect and spiders and one owner who thought it would be good to double down on the blown in cellulose insulation (it rained insulation every time we touched the ceiling). The dry wall is almost all up and we will get to paint next weekend. #homeremodel #beamitupscotty #ifyoucantbeatemcheatham
Not just another Thursday night in the north woods. It's a Thursday night at Forest Lake country store with beer tasting and BBQ chicken pizza!!
We are in the plains states again. Soon to see superior but first boulder junction.
A long Fourth of July had this pup wore out. It was a day off for someone else. #ottobear #highmowingorganicseeds @highmowingorganicseeds he is ready to be a spokes person. He is half Pyrenees, half golden so he will be friendly with those he is herding.
The progression as @originalorganicsherbals tries to outwit, cast magic spells, intimidate with gang signs, then spiteful glances when the end arrives. P.s., Nine letter scrabble is much better than seven. So many more combinations! #scrabblesaturdaynight #ineverwin
Curbside score! A free propane smoker is better than no smoker, however you might feel on the subject. Now for some gaskets and a ham!
It is all over but the cryin... but there wasn't any crying. Just laughing and a little sipping #earthdaybirthday #april22 #birthdaycake
I was awoken to birthday balloons dropping on me and the Beatles crooning "happy birthday!" @originalorganics Rachel then made me breakfast and told me to get in the car and we went on a 1.5 hour car ride without out telling me our destination. We arrived in Lynchburg at the jack Daniel's distillery for the 12pm tour. The sun came out birds were singing the grass was greening as we walked by the creek leading to the fount of Jack's creation. It was a good trip and worth the education of what "double mellowed" actually means. I don't usually partake in Old No. 7 but the gentleman's jack can be easily enjoyed by either gender and is especially smooth. Rachel goes down as being the best bride ever for putting together all of the pieces of the day and even ending it with a fire on our patio with burgers and a surprise birthday cake. The rain stayed away again till we were sound asleep. #earthdaybirthday #bestwifeever #jddtour #whiskeymakeehappy
We know who has the good food at veg fest @thesouthernv the line is around the building for them! #vegfestnashville #vegfest it smells amazing!
Rachel's booth @nashvillevegfest is all setup and we are five minutes from opening! We are here from 10am - 4pm #veganfest #stopby
O% juice. It at least used to be 5% - should have called it sugar water then Instead of lemonade?! #whatajoke @cocacola gross
Chauhan is great. And I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone other than @thisorganiclife. Chai is a great dessert alternative and let us sit for an extra twenty minutes while we enjoy our conversation and food settle #getthelambnachos @eatatchauhan #fiveyearsgoesbysofast
Pre-gamin before @eatatchauhan just a small snack so I won't devour everything I smell and see.
Best day ever! My Bib and hat arrived thanks to the awesome crew at the @birkie. Last week I asked if they could send me my bib and hat. They politely told me it would be a logistical nightmare but they appreciated my birkie spirit. I knew it was a long shot but, hey how hard is it to throw it in an envelope and ship it. Well, It arrived today and I had mild freak out and immediately put on my hat and wanted to run around (I was in the car and honked and waved at random people). No birkie sucks, but having a piece of what I couldn't participate in is a small bit of solace for my roller skiing season, aka spring/summer/fall. #birkiespirit #absf #birkieforlife #xcskiing #americanbirkebeiner #americanbirkebeiner2017 #birkie2017 thanks @americanbirkebeiner
4.5 hours later.....🤤the crock is magical
Half the fun is the preparation. I like eating good food but making it can be more fun. The succulence is worth the wait. #porkroast #shoulderbutt