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We unexpectedly said good-bye to our sweet, quirky Jacob yesterday. His time with us was much too short but we will cherish the years we had. Rest well sweet boy. #RIP #russianblue
It wasn't until my friend showed me this pic that I realized I'm never in the picture. I'm always taking the pictures. When my kids look back on their time with us I want them to see photos like this and remember the good times. To laugh and love freely. To be silly! To just be.
So excited to get this treasure in the mail today! Kickass book for the kiddos all while supporting an independent book store! If you are in Philly check out The Spiral Bookcase and say hi to Amelia the Cat. #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #shero
Happy 17th anniversary @jayfrags ! I love our yearly get always almost as much as I love you! Where to next year?? #vegas #redrockcasino #redrockcasinoresortandspa
I just saw #wonderwoman omg. It was so good! I cried numerous times. Gal Gadot did a wonderful job and the script was fantastic. Wonder Woman just may save #dccomics
This week I was reminded how out of shape I was and how much weight I've gained. While I work back to my healthy self I also realize I need to stop the self hate. I'm still me. I'm still beautiful. I'm still here under this extra weight. #loveyourself
Today was the last day of our #bigbrothersbigsisters school program. We are switching to the community program so we can actually go and do fun stuff! I love my little @maya_marie31 and she has no idea all the fun things I have planned for us (even college visits). Get ready girl. XO
This is the reality of PCS. I have to watch the man I love suffer and fight just to make it through a day of work to come home and hibernate. This is for survival. This isn't because he is tired, weak etc. folks don't understand illnesses or disabilities they can't see. You may not see it but folks around you suffer everyday just to complete basic tasks.
I see posts or hear discussions about the "babying" or "pussification" of athletes and sports etc. and I want to scream. You have no idea what you speak of. You deny CTE and favor the NFL, meanwhile athletes are killing them selves or dying as empty shells.
This is my reality. This is the world I try to pretend doesn't exist, but then I come home to this and I just can't ignore it anymore. #pcs #postconcussionsyndrome #tbi