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Another trip to Melbourne done and dusted. The weekend can't come quick enough.. #tired #sleepfordays
I beat this dork at 3 rounds of rock paper scissors #whoruntheworld 👭
Graduation day. Its been a busy 12 months but I did it! Today is going to be an absolute blast!! #Anz #futureleaders #retail
Cheap fish bowls to celebrate the end of Stephen's time with us in the Launceston branch. We will miss you!! @phtevennel
And that's a wrap! 🌍
What an amazing experience, thanks for being such a great travel buddy 😘😘 #givememybed
All we did today was lay here by the pool, on the terrace and in bed, in between food and swim breaks 🤗😍 #hometomorrow #cantwait #canwaitforworkthough #timeforpresents #homesick #actuallymissthecold
It's going to be strange not hearing the call to prayer 5 times a day. Very interesting to watch and listen.