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Accidents happen... Be prepared. Head over to to learn more about our products. #Blazer #MobileProtection

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Get your iPhone Blazers for a discounted price on now!
Keep your phone warm on a cold winter day. Get a Blazer! Available now at (Blazer mug not for sale)
The Blazer booth at Life In Color LA this past weekend! We hope you protected your phone from the paint @lifeincolor_tour. Visit
Blazer is coming to Life In Color Los Angeles! Protect your phone from the paint. Get a Blazer! Blazers will be sold at the show. Visit for more!
Keep your phone alive at the Dead Sea. Get a Blazer! Available now at (Fits the new iPhone 5!)
New SwipeCase colors coming soon!
Welcome to the Concrete Jungle #PrivateParty #DC
Can you find Blazer Bob? Well if you can, it's probably a sign that you should go get yourself some Blazers at!
Blazer Bob's taking over. Join him! Get a Blazer. Available now on
Get a Blazer. Available now on #IfIHadABlazer
Blazer Pre-Launch! Limited quantities available. Get 'em while supplies last at
Inventory has finally arrived! I smell a launch... #IfIHadABlazer
Find Blazer Bob! Check out to learn more. #IfIHadABlazer
Blazer introduces the all new SwipeCase! A case with a function. Coming soon on Stay tuned!
Blazers are water, sand, and shaggy dog resistant. Visit to learn more! #IfIHadABlazer
Blazer teams up with @originalpenguin for the @gq #EndlessSummer event at the Hamptons! #IfIHadABlazer
Somebody's gonna need a bath... But you're iPhone won't! Get a Blazer. Find out more at #IfIHadABlazer
For all of life's spills, get a Blazer. Head over to to find out more about our products. #Blazer #MobileProtection #iPhone #Coffee #IfIHadABlazer
Check out to find out more about our products. #Blazer #MobileProtection #iPhone #Beach #Waterproof