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liz_platt 280w ago
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Road trip! A tiny village somewhere between Lencois and Novo Redentao, 5 hours from Salvador - looking for the cave where you can swim over a 60 foot cavern :)
More street food and markets, sugar juice and spicy fried pastels 😊
#streetart whilst walking towards the famous #escadariaselaron in #lapa. The steps are amazing... but the whole area has colour
Hard to believe that this is the interior of the building in the previous post.
First day in the new job! walking to work this morning in bright sun and music playing from all directions #riodejaneiro #botafogo #late
#daytripping around Rila and the monastery of St. Ivan, famous for medieval torture paintings and tortured selfies :)
#latergram from last summer. The #alyosha monument in Murmansk. Also called the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War Monument, for short. #россия #совет
#latergram from May, driving through #rodopimountains - The Ascension of God chapel near #borovo village.
#latergram from earlier this year when I went back and visited Moscow. Took even more photographs of the metro stations, like I don't have enough already. This is Novoslobodskaya metro on the brown line. It has 32 backlit stained glass artworks made by three #Latvian artists in the 1940s. #stainedglass #metro #moscow #метро #москва
So close yet so far! I still feel reluctant to point a camera at strangers, so I try to hide it and get more candid shots (without feeling a social awkwardness!). This guy looked amazing, he was stood with a family and a cow outside barns and a traditional house, in the middle of nowhere, on the road to Borino. The hidden camera was close, but also way off 😩 #latergram #борино #родопи
Name that flag... three guesses... . . . Close! But it's the historical flag of the Dominican Republic.