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wet_brain 280w ago
I'm scared...of this small bench.

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Finally made it to @likenoudder 's physical location and I still look like a stray pup - thanks #vegan #dairyfree
Wow now I have two best friends in Philly ☺️😇🤓🏴🏴🏴 #tattooedandemployed #swoll
Welp finally made it through another encapsulating and abhorrent year of school. It's weird how things change. This time last year I was in a pretty bad place and I can't express how grateful I am for all of the supportive & tender humans in my life that have helped me over the past 14 months. Now I have 4 weeks off to actually enjoy reading before the fall semester starts - see ya 🏴🏴✌️✌️😎🔥 #summer #deadinside #chill
After 8 years I have finally cracked into a legitimate fried chicken recipe. This is crisp, savory and packed with flavor. Chicken&waffles hasn't been this great in a long time. ☺️🍗🍁 #vegan #plantbased #swoll #friedchicken #breakfastbaby
Lemon poppy, blueberry coconut and rose pistachio 🍩☺️🍩 #vegan
Slides we analyzed of cultured bovine pulmonary artery cells (BPAE), of a Bos taurus from 1979. These cells were positive for the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), which plays a large role in maintaining blood pressure and blood volume. For the first 4 slides, immunofluorescence analysis shows staining of the F-actin (red) and alpha-tubulin (green). The last slide demonstrates F-actin (green). BPAE cells are widely used in research that explores hypertension and coronary heart disease. #science #cellbiology #nerd #naturalart
So far we've gotten well over a ft of snow and I couldn't be happier. I love cold weather environments and cold weather food 😎. This is butternut squash - chipotle - coffee stout - beef chili on top of smoky tofu scramble. Sides: fresh guacamole, sour cream, cheese sauce, and fresh buttery cornbread. #vegan #whatveganseat #veganswholift #happyhunting #stormstella
Our 3-week cell lab finally yielded these sick af results. Perineuronal nets within the extracellular matrix, seen in mice embryonic cells. The PNN's can be seen under immunofluorescent lighting after binding Alexa Fluor 488 second antibodies to primary antibodies within the sample. #nerds #science #dead
Hello I am a pizza within a pizza within a pizza within an apron #vegan #deltax #namaste #🍕
When a cutie gets you a cute gift. 🤓☺️😇 #vegan #deathbycheese
First day of the semester and I already want to take a nap. #ripme #queer #🐻
Tofu Benedict: tofu scramble w/ green peppers, sweet onions, seitan sausage, and smoked garlic placed over @sweetearthfoods bacon, loaded onto a Belgian waffle and topped w/ chipotle hollandaise sauce. Greens: almond/apple kale salad. #vegan #plantbased #🥓 #🥞 #🍳 #🔥