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Marrakech has been on my mind lately...
Such a magical weekend with these beautiful souls. So much gratitude in 2017.
Dear middle America, there's no body of ocean, but maybe that's ok... maybe.
🙌🏼 my friends and I made something pretty magical in Portland.
Super grateful for chill af pets this afternoon while chaos reigns outside. Most intense wind I've ever seen. The eye of the storm is expected to be in the 'hood around 8pm. Send all your positive vibes, folks. Our community needs it.
Always in awe of the universe... always having fun being a nerd. #solarpeepshow #alwaysleavethemwantingmore
Thanks for the best bébé gift, Paris
My new favorite way to take self portraits
17th century France looks nice...if you're royalty
Standing on a windy cliff with no guardrail is an exciting time
Beach mornings leave this little bit so sleepy
Throwback to this morning, when I was on top of the world. Now I'm just covered in flea bites. Thanks for the memories and itchies, St Louis. #tbt #saarinen
I take my hotel room view very seriously.