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noso_ 280w ago
Petra, Jordan. imagine walking through that

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noso_ 1w ago
I have the best support system. thank you to my beautiful girls and my hawaiian brother 🙏🏽
noso_ 9w ago
vest made for my good friend and talented artist. cropped, lining, patches and pins. dm or text to order a custom piece.
noso_ 11w ago
speaking and thinking positively isn't only for when things are going good. repeat or speak those words when you're at your lowest, or feeling defeated, stressed, etc. thats how that shit really works. coach yourself everyday. and for the people that have dealt and deal with anxiety, make a consistent effort everyday and it WILL get better. lets talk tactics. 🍳💭
noso_ 13w ago
nyc, jazz and chickens 👌🏽
noso_ 14w ago
when you think too much, you're removing whats moving 🎆 (fireworks on the 4th)