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  Posted: May 31, 2012 10:38 AM
60 X-Pro II
Still working. Now on a different project but all @yomyomf !!!! Recognize the folks on the screen?

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Sometimes I don’t speak no good so I write songs to get my thoughts out. Link to video in description - you know you wanna know what grandpa said! #kneelorstand
Just a totally normal selfie, nothing out of the ordinary here... on a completely separate note, absolutely random thought, you guys should try FUZE, it's such a refreshing drink! Get yours here: #sponsoredby @drinkFUZE #AD Welp, catch ya later!
Day 4 of dressing up to get work done is a huuuge success with the mirror. #nowbacktowork #byworkimeanimworkingitgurl #okayidontknowwhatshappeningeither
These guys are absolutely amazing! Honored to call them friends. @boyceavenue adding a little more beautiful noise to a world in need of a little more beautiful noise.
words for swords, thick skin for shields
fighting on a this battlefield
where once we used to play
a much more simple game

The cries for help fall on deaf ears
We’re too busy screaming here
it’s all just so absurd
this pointless war of words

When the messages get lost
You and I don’t pay the cost
So when will we - shut the fuck up
shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up
and help someone out
"Should I Kneel or Should I Stand?" Part 3
The white picket fence, a dog, two boys and a home
but grandpa getting sick was never part of this plan
He sleeps next to grandpa so he won’t be alone
Grandpa calls him over, he kneels down, takes his hands

Hey look at you, this time you didn’t even ask
you normally never know, if you should kneel or should stand
and with his hands in his, and tears in his eyes
says look at this here moment, see you’ve done everything right

Then he squeezed his grandson’s hands. and said

Make sure those boys of yours, they always understand, after all the nonsense life may bring, we’re all in this together. I’ll leave this world as happy as can be, knowing those boys will learn a thing from me, every time you teach them love.

Hope you enjoyed this little song I wrote today - love, Chester
"Should I Kneel or Should I Stand" Part 2
The years have gone by he’s found the love of his life
Thinkin that it’s time to ask her “Will you marry me?”
He’s so nervous wondering how she’ll reply
so he hops on the phone and gives his grandpa ring

Grandpa I don’t know what I should do
Will I say the right things? Will I make the right moves?
Am I even the right man for her life
Cause she’s right for mine, I wanna make her my wife (oh man)

Should I kneel or should I stand? grandpa smiled and said… Just as long as you take her by the hand - cause after all the crying you two will be, all in this together and boy that ring does mean a lot things, make it mean those things forever
(Final part coming soon...).
"Should I Kneel or Should I Stand?"
Friday morning, got a big game tonight
he’s the high school quarterback of his football team
but he’s been up late with some things on his mind
so he calls his gramps and shares what he’s been wondering

Grampa I don’t want to make you mad
but tonight during the anthem I don’t know if I'll stand
I’d still think of those who’ve died and served
but if I don’t take a knee I know my team will be hurt (I don’t know)
Should I kneel or should I stand?
And he said… Just as long as you’re holding somebody’s hand - cause after all the noise we’ll still be, all in this together - and yes that flag means a lot of things, but will you mean to make it better?
Just a couple of sleepy deepys - Power napping w/ my niece McKenna between universal studios and the dodgers game last night. We should all day nap more - it's fantastic!
Check out this new song I wrote - it might be my greatest work to date! Thanks @drinkFuze for the creative inspiration…and refreshing drink! Get yours here: #sponsoredby @drinkFUZE #AD
Thanks Redlands for an awesome night!!!
Link to tickets in description - if you live in or around Redlands California - come hang out tmrw (Sunday 9/17) we'll sing to you. #ad
Ah!! Oh my god, there's a lion in the house!
Morning jams with @andrewagarcia - missing the OG YouTube musician era of live performance only days. #chandrew