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dhridge 281w ago
my brother

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I've taken over the @arcthisis account where I'll be sharing some random stories today. I'm headed to Vancouver to host their conference, The Experience next week! This hyperlapse is from Vietnam.
I'm really proud of the work we've been doing with our friends at @shopbando on their I've Got Friends campaign. This is the teaser we made. Check the link in my profile for the full video and a barrage of freshness.
It's been an extremely busy time in my life. Too busy really, but things are getting done. Especially over at our new building! The @officepartyofficeparty account is finally more than construction pictures! Check it out for more of these...
We're getting into the finishing work at @officepartyofficeparty Here's @benwebbagram installing our @fireclaytile to the sound of the worlds fastest banjo player. Cause I'm country like that.
Had a preeeeeetty epic weekend in Montreal with my old friends.
Montreal, you are an impressive town. 🇨🇦
Last year I bought a building in Highland Park with my friends. In all that time, I have never seen this front space totally clean- which is fine-it's a construction zone. Still...this view kind of flipped me out today. Getting close to a big new development in my career and life really. The building is called Office Party. Follow along at @officepartyofficeparty if you're down.
dhridge 11w ago
Moved out of the office where we started Shark Pig today. It's crazy to think of all the stuff we pulled off in this little room, not just in our business but also with so many hype colleagues. We've started a much bigger, more ambitious, way scarier project now. Keep up if you want: @officepartyofficeparty
dhridge 12w ago
Pretty blown to move out of our office after 7 years...
dhridge 14w ago
Kicking it into high gear on our building project @officepartyofficeparty today with help from @benjaminmoore
dhridge 15w ago
HO.LEE.SHIEEET it's coming along! Check @officepartyofficeparty if you'd like to see our big new project get completed!
dhridge 20w ago
Happy 10 Year Anniversary to my besties @jonathanlynch & @lu_lynch It's so fitting that you're under a big welcome sign here because you're the best hosts, always bringing people together. Your generosity is only matched by both of your powerful abilities to manifest ideas and create. I feel incredibly lucky to call you partners and friends. I love you two! Photo from 5 year anni by the talented @jemerling
dhridge 21w ago
My mind is racing! Sound on for punchline. So...about a year ago I bought a big building in highland park with @jonathanlynch and @theflashdance and then I forgot to tell anyone. It's really coming together now, so I remembered. Follow along at @officepartyofficeparty if you feel like it. Can't wait to invite people over!
dhridge 24w ago
I'm so proud to be working with @allianceofmoms They are a powerful group committed to changing a really serious cycle through education. Watch the video...It's been my honor to meet them, learn about what they do, and direct some new media for them.