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Time to fracture the ps4 butthole.
When you realize Friday the 13th at Last Chance is 2 days away and omg. 🤣
This week has been a hot mess. I Just want to sit with my family, pop some popcorn, hug my kiddos, and watch some fantasy horror to escape the horrors of reality.
I'm so heartbroken. I can't donate blood, but @bradleypauley and I are figuring a way to lend our support and donate through Last Chance. ❤ hold your loved ones a little tighter tonight.
🍁🎃🍁 it's finally here 🍁🎃🍁
Who wants a fucking rad horror tattoo for $150?! Husband @bradleypauley is offering this sweet tattoo deal throughout the month of October! You know you want it. Come get some. #letsparty #tattooed #lasvegas #lasvegastattoo #tattoodeals #horror #horrortattoos #horroricons #lastchancetattoo #lastchancetattooparlor #lasvegastattooshop
Ok. So I've managed to avoid Wal-Mart for three years. You got me, you goddamn bastards. Reeled me in like a fish on a hook with this glorious bundle of Halloween treasures.
Walgreens Halloween had horror mystery minis. The Wal of Greens stepping up their game. 🎃🎃🎃
Halloween at Target is the cat's meow. 🎃👻😹 #fullofbadpuns
Woke up to a surprise on my doorstep from Hazmat Media today! Coverage coming soon to @1428_elm ! #beetlejuice #legodimensions #mediapack #fuckyes