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Alcatraz was pretty darn cool. Hard to believe I lived in Northern CA most of my life and never once did that tour. This is one of the many pics I took there today.
If you don’t hear from me than you’ll know they didn’t let me leave. #alcatraz
We just walked the Teotihuacan exhibit at the @deyoungmuseum and it was incredible.
I’m in awe every time I come to the San Francisco Ferry Building. Such a cool place and the smell of cheese and cured meat isn’t so bad either. #sf
I may have just inhaled this Chicken and Waffles. So flippin delish.
The only time bourbon 🥃 is acceptable at breakfast.
Baked Chai Donuts with Bourbon Glaze:
Sunday’s are for...... 🥞 Pancakes 🥞 and lots of coffee ☕️
Whole Wheat Pancakes with Fresh Peach Compote:
It’s time to whip this bad boy up again. So flippin delish.
Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Quiche:
Coming to a kitchen near you. Home chef and Pro chef. @spiceology
@fooddreamer gurlllllll this book is all kinds of gorg!!!!! Thank you for sending a copy. Can’t wait to make all the things. #ketolove
I'm diving in. K. Bye.
The #spice that goes into the most bombaf Homemade Hamburger Helper ever.
Fried goat cheese croutons? Can I get an 🙏🏼amen🙏🏼? This salad is a quick go-to when I want to fancy pants up some greens.