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@hokuleawwv leaving Haleiwa on their way to Kauai. They just recently finished a voyage around the world, inspiring a lot of people including me along the way.
It's crazy when Mother Nature gives us a reminder about just how unpredictable these storms can be. I know things are rough down in the Caribbean right now and I hope the people are doing okay. I'm really stoked on the things that @wavesforwater is doing to help out. Every little bit of help counts.
Thanks to everyone who posted about ocean health this week!! The posts have been super inspiring. This is one of my favorites so far, two sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen who founded @byebyeplasticbags in Bali. It is cool to see the youth making a difference! 🙌 #getoutthereandlearn
I want to learn more about the people making an impact on ocean health. If you know of a friend, person, or group that you think should be recognized, post a photo or video, with a little story about what they are doing, and tag #getoutthereandlearn They can be focused on marine debris clean up, making art from recycled plastics, or even just picking up trash on the beach. Excited to see what you guys come up with!! I will choose my favorites and send a gift pack (@hurley @stancesocks @nixon_now @dakine @vertra @yeti @pyzelsurfboards @futuresfins ) to both the person that posted, and the person or group that is recognized.
This is why I love the ocean, there is no limit to how you can ride waves and connect the elements around you. Always something new to learn! #getoutthereandlearn @koasmith @parallelsea
The process of learning is the fun part. So get out there and learn something new! #getoutthereandlearn
Welcome home Hokule'a! After three years and 44,000 miles, with only the wind, sun, and stars, you have truly inspired me and so many others to explore and preserve our oceans! #MalamaHonua 🙌🌎 @parallelsea / @erik_knutson_
Part of an inspiring conservation effort today with local fisheries and @tavaruaislandresort. @kellyslater And I helped transport and reintroduce a Giant Clam to a reef we all surf over here in Fiji. Giant means over 500lbs, and shells that grow to 6 feet! But they have become a threatened species due to overfishing and changes to the coral reef. Wanted to say Thanks to the locals who showed us the program. I left feeling pretty inspired to see how I can do more to support our own marine ecology back in Hawaii. Check out @wsl and @parallelsea for more videos. #worldoceanday
So excited the Americas cup is finally underway!! Thanks again @oracleteamusa for inviting us to sail with you guys last year. We're rooting for you to keep the cup in the usa! 🏆⛵️⛵️⛵️
I had such a great time in The West this year, so happy to score fun waves and have such an amazing event! Thank you for all of the support. WA is a very special place full of great people, I look forward to going back soon!
Also a big thanks to @brandonwasserman @rosswilliamshawaii @erik_knutson_
So stoked for one of my best friends @koarothman to win Wave of the Winter ! 🎥 @alexkilauano