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  Posted: May 30, 2012 5:45 PM FEED
34 Lo-fi
Hi instabraiders! We have noticed ur request for a greater diversity in the race of our models, and we just want you to know that our goal on instabraid is to inspire you all with ideas for creative braids. If we offended any of you, it was unintentional, and each and every one of you is truly beautiful! We love you all! ❤❤❤
  • Q trança linda

  • @nunesarq olha essa que linda!!!

  • Susannnnn!!!!

  • Que cabelão!!!! Linda mesmo!!! Adoro trança!!

  • elb_9 5y ago

    That is sweet @instabraid. I don't feel that way at all. I know what you are trying to do.💘

  • elb_9 5y ago

    6⃣0⃣th like by the way.

  • Wow! Beautiful!

  • I like the color!!

  • It's ok to focus on what you know. Love what you're doing!

  • Maybe different hair types? Fair,thin, etc. that would surely help me with what I can do with my own hair. My daughter is 7 and has short hair very very soft so it is hard to braid. Any suggestions?

  • Pretty

  • Good grief. People will complain about anything

  • Cute x

  • People seriously have nothing better else to do than to complain. Use whatever models u feel like using. It's YOUR gig. Anyway, too much attention... Great braids!!!!! Lol

  • @mrsmendoza_1 couldn't have said it better!

  • @mrs_kdt you reminded me of Charlie Brown :) #goodgrief #peanuts

  • Laura croft

  • I love your photos - I come to your page to look at the unique and crazy creative braids (of which I can only conquer a few) - i don't even look at the person - for me it's all about the hair. So I would just like to THANK YOU for all the awe inspiring braid creativity you provide me with daily. Thank you - I'll continue to follow because of the hair :)

  • Why r ppl mad?

  • Hey I'm a bridal hairdresser and I was looking for some feedback on my hair that I have done. Thanks so much. X

  • Just did an all over head braid from my left to my right ear 😊 May you take a look? 😄

  • Why would people be mad about that? We're following this cause we like braids!

  • @ducktapecows Idk, I like yourself follow because I like braiding techniques. I do believe it would be cool though to add pix with different ethnicities because some styles can/can't be done with certain types/textures of hair.

  • I appreciate your acknowledgment of the lack of diversity. I hope to see more diverse individuals.

  • Awsone

  • zaour 5y ago

    My sister have a same !!!

  • @instabraid you can't satisfy everyone.!! There will always be a downer.!! You said it best @mrsmendoza_1

  • Look at the diversity now - the model is asian sorry you guys can't see her eyes

  • I love the braid. How is that even possible

  • Thank you. That was well said @instabraid but yes it would be nice to see not only Asians but African Americans, mexicans,Latinos.etc. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF HAIR OUT THERE!! be creative!! ;)

  • I just realized hair is hair lol so because you guys have great ideas I can definitely work with it for my own hair and my 7 year old. Thanks @instabraid 😍

  • Looks like a princess so cute

  • Bella

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