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  Posted: May 30, 2012 3:50 PM FEED
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At my favorite place @talulaspizza with my favorite guy @gregrwalsh having some festive Halloween inspired pizza Enjoying this gorgeous warm weather!! 😎🎃👻☠️
Tragedies that happen in our world today reminds me that I need to not be afraid to live the life that I want, to speak up when you have something to stay, take action instead of remaining the same and most importantly expressing the love admiration, respect for the positive people in your life. .
I love my friends and family that are always there for me to make my day, lend their ear and their hearts. I am grateful for my life and remind myself everyday to enjoy the moments, learn to forgive and always be honest about my feelings. Life is precious and today I remind myself of that ❤️ #lifeisprecious #livelovelife #livelivelaugh #enjoythemoment
#cenote Cenote near Chichen Itza Didn't go in too many people = not a sanitary idea #nottooclean Pretty but not for me #vacationinmexico
Papaya Playa Project lobby entrance. Staff was very helpful gave great restaurant recommendations. Kat was such a delight and sweet to work with. Thanks again! #papayaplayaproject #tulum #tulummexico #vacationtime #vacationinmexico
Pathway to the Papaya Playa Project lobby. What a beautiful and tranquil resort. I miss it already 😢
Look a little shady with that hat on...criminal? Musician? Your GF hat maybe? 🤔🤔😈🤷‍♀️
Papaya Playa Project casita - right next to our room. Beautiful views with pristine beaches ❤️😍😍every minute of this place!! #papayaplayaproject #pppcasita #casita #beachvibes #beachvacay #vacationtime #tulum #tulummexico
Last day of vacay 😢 will enjoy every morsel I have left! Such a relaxing place with a great partner to enjoy it with 😎🤗#papayaplayaproject #beachlife #vacationinparadise