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nikkisoda 280w ago
Found this on the laundry room floor last week. And I'm never washing it off.

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Happy Birthday, Mr Klocker. May all of your pressed duck dreams come true. 😘
Dinner last night at @oriolechi was beyond. E snapped a few photos before we went all in. I will always dream about their truffled pasta. Cannot wait to go back. Anniversary trip to Chicago was a success! (duh)
Good Morning, Darlings. Happy Friday 🐩
Today Jon and I gave up our fob. Our Watch has Ended at Ness Plastic Surgery #itsnotgoodbyeitsseeyoulater
Halfway through. Happy Wednesday
E coming in with the mad skill. Heirloom tomatoes from the best @frenchlakefarmer
Today is my Friday. Cheers to a three day weekend.
2 weeks at Camp Mishawaka was a success! Missed this kid like crazy 😍