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You taught me to be strong during the rough times in life. You always reassured us that everything would be fine at times when we would lose our faith. You gave me comfort everytime we talked whether it was those times watching wrestling in your room talking crap about all the wrestlers that played dirty, to the conversations we had in the hospital, to even just seeing you around the house. You were a fighter to the end, and now you're resting peacefully with God. Thank you for everything you've done for me through all my years of life, I love you Grandpa.
🌲fiddy. Also have another size 9 for sale if anyone's interested
B roll from last year. Starting to find more time to do random photo ops here and there.
Your personal healthcare companion.
London Air Max 1 EM 🇬🇧 with slight modifications
Last one to turn 21, it's only right that we all turn up together at Sin City. Thank you Vegas for doing me well 🙏🏼🍻 #reunited