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  Posted: May 30, 2012 12:53 PM FEED
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I like moths. #moth #beautiful
  • Kaysha I think your calling is with animals!!!! You should work in a pet store or take animal science courses or get into training!!!! I dont think there is an animal out there that wouldn't gross or freak you out!!!

  • @redlover thanks I agree! I'd love to go to college for something cool or be a photographer. I only take pictures of animals, objects or plants so it's sometimes hard haha cause I refuse to do photo shoots for people. It's not my thing. Hopefully one day I can work for something I'm passionate about :)

  • You never see a girl like moths, need to post more cat photos ☺

  • Oooo animal portraits!!!!! LOVE IT! I think people would pay huge $$ for that

  • @skateruptown will do! I love all creatures though hah.

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Babysat this cutie last weekend ❤️
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Being able to cuddle all day with my creatures ❤❤ no greater happiness
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Don't forget to wash the outdoor dog toys!! They can harbour harmful bacteria after the great thaw!! Also fall is very bad for them bacteriums!!!
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Look who's messing up their nice grooming
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