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"Leeeet the sunshine in...!!"#chicago morning inspiration music #JustBlaze

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“Hardly home but always...” well, you know the rest #HappyHomecomingWeek • one of the best decisions I ever made in life @morehouse1867 #830WestviewDr @weare.morehouse
If you’re not inspired, change your environment. If you have an idea, act on it. If you want more, give more and do more. If you want peace, be still. If you want variety & options, there’s an app for that. Moral of the story = If you “WANT”, first appreciate what you have, and know that all you ever “needed”, was with you all along. #NoDaysOff #WorkDontStop #FaithWithoutActionIsNil • Don’t just do it for the culture, do it for the legacy
Would love to have this Andre 3K piece in the lab
#LBoogie @ms_laurynhill & the incomparable #NinaSimone • One of the dopest homage pieces I’ve seen in a min.
It’s not an everyday occurrence when you get to have a conversation with a legend, a king, actually an Underground King @bunbtrillog #UGK & you grew up in the south an an impressionable teenager (sidebar: shout out to South Cac). There are few artists that reached a real legendary level of respect from the people, the world over • One time for H-town 🤘🏾& Port Author, TX & Love to my guys @thisistonyb & @rexcruz for the connect || support the “Hand In Hand” Hurricane Relief Fund - ppl are very much still in need of support and FEMA has denied many of continued assistance, albeit necessary #UGK4Life #rippimpc #ugkalumni
#fbf before basketball consumed the entirety of my days as a youth, I too was shooting my shot at “Iesha” & my elementary school crew and I would always win, talent shows because we could dance ...& hoop #truestory #WhereIsIeshaAnyway #WhoIsIesha? #TellMeHaveYouSeenHer I’m low-key still looking for her #flashbackfridayconfessions
Seven years ago (almost to-date) I lived in Durham, NC, US is in an economic depression, it was Friday, & “I ain’t have no job Craig!!” So in the spirit of “Tommy” from MARTIN (RIP Thomas Ford 🙏🏾) I decided to do a week long series of raw one ☝🏾 hour DJ mixes called “Good Morning [Insert Day of the Week Here], keeping all the errors and mistakes, blunders and all — just going on vibe and feeling alone. So each morning, I’d wake up, cut on my two 1200 Technics and go! I revisited one today that still lives on and this one was “Good Morning Friday” , guess I woke up feeling like a 90’s Hip-Hop House Party 🤷🏾‍♂️ turned out to be one of my favorite mixes and compilation of dope records ... nevertheless, check it out to help you get you through the day, whether workin’, lampin’, shoppin’ or actually headed to a 90’s Hip-Hip themed party or club. #Vibes #DontAskWhatIHadOnInThatPhoto shout out to @ojuanr & @s2cllc @puxlife #PurpleChampionHospitalityGroup #BullCity #Durham #HipHop #DopeDJ #JoeyTheeDJ #NotAll90sIwentOnAtangent
One of my most most inspiring, courageous, ambitious, driven and creative friends @tunuverse • shout out to #Spelman & #Detroit #WhatUpDoh • her bags and accessories are all custom, handmade & top-notch quality #invest #support #liberatethyself 🙏🏾 ... this is her questioning the ratio of cheese 🧀 to eggs 🥚 in her cheese eggs with the waiter, ... I ate them all in the meantime, like any real friend would. 🙌🏾
God timing is always perfect ... #finallygivens much love to my Brother @dreammaven & Sis @docmaven on their union love y'all! #joeysmarathonweddingwknd ... Yep, the shrimp & grits during cocktail hr. deserved a feature ✊🏾🔥
One time for one of my best childhood friends and frat Brodie AG & new Sister Mesha on their journey into forever-ever #JoeysMarathonWeddingWknd
Finally got a chance to meet my new nephew from my extended family in NC. We were "lampin'" this a.m. while watching the news -- word to J.B. Smoove @ohsnapjbsmoove -- by the way, he told me he was going to kill 'em when he gets older with those grey eyes.
My brothers in #Carolina our history has built an unyielding bond and has grown us up #loyalty @freedmen_law
Tonight my friend, my brother, @randall_woodfin became the Mayor of Birmingham, AL • and his journey has truly been a tesiment that what God has in store for you, is yours and yours alone! #TheGlory Tonight we celebrate you Brother #woodfinforbham 🍾☝🏾 #AnotherOneForTheHouse
#Repost @weare.morehouse (@get_repost)
Today is the day!
Randall L. Woodfin ‘03 is THE candidate for Mayor of Birmingham and today is Election Day!
If you’re in Birmingham, please Support #woodfinformayor. Nationally you can help by donating at!
We Are Morehouse.

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