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djdan7 4w ago
MMedSci in Human Nutrition complete! Finally handed in my dissertation "Short chain alcohols in inflammation: Role of phosphorylation"
djdan7 5w ago
Are there drunk white walkers beyond that gate?
djdan7 7w ago
It must be a bank holiday!
djdan7 7w ago
This cursed bunny has received his letter to Hogwarts. #harrypotter
djdan7 8w ago
#PickleRick mod on Fallout 4! Made my day!
djdan7 14w ago
It's very creepy in lab on my own🔬 👻
djdan7 21w ago
Lunch/studying in the gardens. 5 minutes in and I burn! What a shock ☀️ 🍅
djdan7 21w ago
@snuggly.hook kindly made this bow tie for Toby. Although this is the only way we could get him to wear it. 🐰
Thank you Stacey, we are grateful to have one of your creations 😁
djdan7 24w ago
Are you new? You have made my day. #graffiti
djdan7 26w ago
This slut will rub his chin on anything! Why does he do it?
#hollandlop #easterbunny
djdan7 27w ago
Making phosphate buffer saline like a pro! #scientist #nutrition
djdan7 29w ago
The weather outside sums up how I feel about the exam this afternoon.