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  Posted: May 30, 2012 8:11 AM FEED
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Because nothing screams "WTF!?" When I seal off your front door! #policetape #royalmilitarypolice

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So I've taken a stab at learning to flim a how to video. Using a inexpensive set up for video blogging.

The shopping list for this was.

Compact Light stand £14 from eBay
#Saramonic SmartMixer Mixer £90 on amazon. (it's a selfie stick on steroids)

Aputure Video Light £25 #Amazon.
Powered by a old Sony camcorder battery
#Aputure A.Lav microphone £25 Amazon.

For video camera. Modern smartphone have fantastic video features. Mine is a #sonyxperiaz5compact
Using #kinemaster app for video editing.
#YouTube #videomaker #howtovideo
Posted: Dec 20, 2015 4:39 PM
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That awkward moment when your regular customer at the family business turns out be one of your bosses in the Army...
Modeling my birthday prezzie its not every year a friend buys you a football shirt with your name on it. Especially if your birthday is a week before Xmas. #decemberbaby #Southamptonfc #wemarchon #saintsfc #photographer #canon5dmark3
Posted: Oct 27, 2015 7:01 PM
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#Colourcorrection is one of the most important aspects in photography. On you left this correct skin tone and exposure and on the right it's some what a little off. I took a screen break and came back to this image and then realised that my screen what not calibrated properly. Using my #spyderpro calibration too. I've not got a screen that will match the printer. #dontforget to use export in RGB for prints.
#wedding #Kenyan #Asianwedding #abstractwedding
Posted: Sep 30, 2015 5:51 PM
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Sitting there after the watching #scotlandvsusa at #ellandroad my friends decided on a post match 🍻 pint. A drop fell on this ciggy packet and I could help but stare at it.
Had a wonderful experience of watching the #wrc2015 #rugbyworldcup2015 of #usavsscotland at #ellandroad in #Leeds. The city was relaxed. The fans were great and the transport to and from the stadium ran without any issues. Well done Leeds!
Posted: Jul 20, 2015 2:20 PM
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Sunday drives are the best when you go somewhere to go or someone to see. Especially free food & good old fashioned loving.
Posted: Jul 18, 2015 12:21 PM
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Today I got the chance to give my #1byone multi jump starter. This device can jump start a flat battery 🔋 using a small module.
My cousin's car wouldn't start after he'd left the electronics on over night. So I came down and hooked up this device and within 2 key turns the car #vw #passat #tdi sprang to life. Battery stays charged, jump start up to 2.5 litre engine and has #usbcharger built in for portable power pack! Well worth the purchase.
Today I had a sneak peak in #Southampton #mela it's been awhile since I've been out with camera. :)
Posted: Jul 7, 2015 10:48 AM
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So I did a short course on "Nightclub supervision" as the course was free... All I had to do was go through a: security check ☑, one week of retardedness on the computer 💻 and finally a 4 "let me talk you out of the establishment but you don't want to go ok out go away" exercise. FYI... I'm not going to work in Pubs or Night Clubs... Glastonbury maybe or public events if they're short staffed.
Well it was #Reservistsday last night to the build up of #armedforcesday this weekend. Last year I was on #loosewomen for a armed force day special! Watch where #janetstreetporter stuck her hand... #justsaying lol
Since I've left my first #DSLR camera over in #Bangladesh to promising photographer. He's produced some fantastic pieces of imagery.
This Street #portrait of a villager standing in the road show up better in #blackandwhitephoto then it does in colour. #canon550d #tamron1750 #village
Sometimes it's quite creepy to Google yourself
High Dynamic Range #hdr #photography when done right, can look amazing. When I shot this last night for a friends business #kohthaitapas #thaitapasworld However had to factor in people moving around and the general traffic. If this was 2hrs earlier on a Sunday. It would of been difficult to take. Finally careful not to over Saturate the image and balance the colour temperature. What's the dominant colour in this image? #theabstractphotographer #smallbusiness
Posted: May 7, 2015 11:33 AM
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So i gave the government a call regarding the right to buy scheme. And they quoted me a value based on rightmove's property base. I was gutted to hear that £104,356 is a guess value. Then having discussed the how long I've lived there. I got a 62% Discount! Subject to my application to the housing office. £40k for a studio is not bad in my book! #housebuyer #barginhunter #playthesystem