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She insists on those kisses . Say night night she chases you for her kiss. And then gets in the kennel. Love this Angel miss my chai baby. He will come home one day. #ice#apples #favorite #treat. #Nadia #nala
Before and after love it when I get to make someone feel so wonderful and happy. With just a little Change for a good Pick me up. #tapeinextensions #exsbelike #extensions #custom
#nofilter on left. BEFORE : clean with clarasonic then some dirt from Africa it's dry powder form1.mixed in 1drop of lemon oil. 2 drops of thieves and several,- drops of Potchouli. Hydracorzone +sunscreen was applied after. So big picture is yu #feelslikeababiesbottom .. . Benefits fuzz is gone anything dead and dry hanging out is gone and it will prevent from future black heads. Check out no makeup no filter. My skin feels rejuvenated and sooo clean.
This sweet Girl Nala Nadia. She has been a gift from Hod. even though the search for chai is not over. She is such a beautiful part of Our Family . #joebonfiglio
Brave one never has had luck with a stylist. We did it and you should have seen her whipping that hair around and smiling! #ultasalon #ultasalonbatonrouge #ultasalon #337
This was from Hours ago. The sky is defiantly a place I can be no matter where I am always speechless. I wonder some times how it it always the perfect time to need to see the always forgiving Doesn't argue doesn't have to explain zero just look up to the sky and see and know that what you see was just for you!!!! From God yeah sit nd bask in the bright sky.
A quick makeup application for a beauty going to a ball! #ULTA #BEAUTY
So which one do you think is Nadia's Valentine to Us?
Mallory Before and after makeup Lesson
This is one of the Best things that could happen to me! Having the most loving Best Friend Ever.