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  Posted: May 29, 2012 6:22 PM FEED
9 Amaro

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Still battling this problem. Still can’t figure out the beta for the last moves. 😫
Single track sillyness along the Yarra and in the Dandies with Gareth and Eoin.
A short write-up on last weekend's bivy mission and the Searching for the Bunyip mixed-terrain audax is now live on Overland Archive! Link in profile! #upyoursindoors #bikepacking #audax #gravel
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 1:55 AM
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Finally got some time to put pen to paper on a quick round up of the Howitt Plains mission from 2 weekends ago on Overland Archive! Click the link the profile to peep the photos and read the words. #bikepacking #snowride #outsideisfree #upyoursindoors
Waking up in bed after a couple big days on the bike is pretty great. But I'm still not sure if it beats waking up here. #bikepacking #upyoursindoors
Rolling into the weekend with my boy @benrides for a quick bivy ahead of @melbournerandonneur's Searching For The Bunyip tomorrow morning.
Tour Divide is now on my calendar for next June. After a long and quiet winter for me after a serious bout of illness, this weekend was somewhat of a test to kick off my physical and mental training! The XTC is about to get some upgrades to bring it in line with how I'll want it set up for TD and all the training I'll be doing over the coming months. Really excited to clock some more miles up on this bike!#bikepacking #snowride #outsideisfree #upyoursindoors #tourdividetraining
Seemingly endless marches through deep, soft snow along the Howitt High Plains slowed our progress and put us pretty far behind schedule. Rolling turns to break trail through the snow and then following in the deep footprints and tire tracks to continue our forward progress. #bikepacking #snowride #outsideisfree #upyoursindoors
First time up in the Howitt Plains this past weekend. It's pretty rugged and remote country, not easily accessible with limited time but I'm already scheming how and when I can back up there. So many incredibly gorgeous peaks I need to bag! #bikepacking #snowride #outsideisfree #upyoursindoors
Heading into the mountains is never a recipe for an easy ride. The addition of long stretches of snow any time the elevation kicked above 1500m made that challenge even more real. But we were fortunate to receive great weather and even when things got hard, all you had to do was pick your head up and look around and it was easy to remember why we'd got ourselves into that situation and that it was still 100 percent worth it! #relentlessforwardprogress #bikepacking #snowride #outsideisfree #upyoursindoors
We actually did do some riding. Below the snow line; dropping into a gully before climbing back up to the ridges.
Conquered King Billy Track. Or maybe it conquered us. Not sure. A short descent from here and we were finally below the snow line for good.
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 4:17 AM
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More snow this morning after a bivy in a gully at slightly lower elevation.
A lot of pushing through knee deep snow on the Howitt Plains yesterday.
Cruising through the valley following the Macalister River into the hills yesterday.