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  Posted: May 29, 2012 4:51 PM FEED
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@japandroids 1. That close. 2. Yes. So close. Taking selfies. 3. Spitting close. 4. The crowd is rambunctious. #mtlmoments #montreal | @bad_feeling_mag
evablue 11h ago
I showed up way too early to shoot a concert. I caved and ate the best worst burger in town - the BUCK burger from Dilallo. #mtlmoments #montreal
#wds2017 expo 1. Sun rays through palais des congres 2. Do we need another package 3. #montreal t shirts 4. Places to sit 5. Legos! And montreal design declaration 6.7. Microsoft surface 8. Transformer table from dinner to coffee table 9. Surfaces 10. Death stars. Not really. Info. #mtlmoments
#seri_intelligente Mcgill's facial recognition spotted and zoomed across the room, recognized faces in sea of faces, and more. No one is safe. #montreal
The best part of working these SERI events is that catering gets better each time. Making sorbet on site. #seri_intelligente #mtlmoments #montreal
Gotta love Claude for mentioning a social media use case for a client boot manufacturer using Nexalogy to find out they had 2 undiscovered markets. One of them being dominatrixs. Said to an event organized by the city to create bridges btwn academic and businesses. #seri_intelligente #mtlmoments #montreal
I have mini crush on Jan Gehl. I'd have beers with him. Ok. He'd drink beer and I would listen to his stories. #wds2017
Liking Maureen Thurston's keynote. Putting this here so i remember. #wds2017
What she didn't say was about generosity. Sharing ideas and planting seeds/notions. Having people come back to her with her own ideas as if they were their own.
World Design Summit #wds2017 day 1. Not enough seats. People are sitting and standing where they can #montreal #mtlmoments
There's mini houses on Mount Royal hidden in Beaver Lake #mtlmoments #montreal