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Freakin love her so much! Beautiful girlyy! @angela_zanfardino

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Omg my little baby is 2 years old, I can’t believe it! Happy birthday handsome. You are the smartest & the cutest. I love watching you grow. Aunt P loves you so much🎈
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST REAL PERSON, BRUTALLY HONEST, TOUGH LOVING, BEST FRIEND I HAVE EVER HAD. Thanks for always dealing with me! 20 years down 20+ to go! #yastuck #happybirthday @gabby_mas
BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVE 🎈🎉🎁🎂 I hope you have the best day ever! Love you so much beb #23 #happybirthday @eddiecarson25
It looks pink but I swear it's #blue 💙🌀🔵 we have another baby #boy coming!
Finally got some color today 😭☀️
Why are you the cutest widdle boyyyy 💙
Thank you for showing me it's okay to let my guard down and put my trust in someone again, even though I told myself over and over again I never would. Thank you for opening my eyes to living in the present and not harping on the past or worrying about the future. Thanks for proving to me there's no such thing as "I can't" and just to try harder and I'll get it next time. Thanks for being you and teaching me to be me - without caring what others think of it (slowly but surely lol). Thank you for listening to me and understanding me. Thank you for constantly reassuring me of the same things over and over again. Thanks for boosting my make me feel absolutely beautiful from head to toe - Every. Single. Day... Most of all - thanks for loving me the way you do, you make me feel so special and you have taught me so much about myself I never would have learned without you. I appreciate everything about you - the things you do for me never go unnoticed❤️ This past year has been my favorite. I love you! Tice & YeaYea @eddiecarson25