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Received this dope brightening mask for free and I CANT WAIT TO TRY IT!!! I have a feeling it'll be similar to one of my all time favorites from Philosophy.
#BringOnTheBright #contest #complimentary @Influenster @ernolaszlonyc
Hello all!! For these dates, and these dates only, I'm opening up my schedule more and offering ✂️FREE HAIRCUTS ✂️with a booked full color service for clients who don't already have an appointment set with me.
This is a one time offer, as I'm trying to fill my books as much as possible before vacation 😘
Text me if you want to snag one of these openings (253)466-6624
(I also have a lot of cool things coming next month and December to show my current clients some love💞) 10/11 @ 12pm
10/11 @ 2:30pm
10/12 @ 10am
10/12 @ 2pm
10/14 @ 10am
10/18 @ 10am
10/18 @ 2pm
10/19 @ 10am
10/19 @ 2pm
10/20 @ 3pm
New car, who dis?! I've never owned a car newer than a 2004. This is such a cool life upgrade. I can't wait to not have constant vehicle stress. Thank you universe.
Las Vegas is like my home away from home. I'm so heartbroken and devastated by the evil that took place last night in such a magical city. I really have no words.
Zodiac Supper Club is open again in their new location and we're pumped.
Took the long way and walked to work today. Tacoma or bust.
Living my best life in the aisles of Target.
Happy 25th birthday to my best friend in the whole entire world, Katelynn!! I'm so lucky to have a friendship like yours. I wouldn't want to travel all over the world with anyone else to see our favorite bands. You're worth cry laughing my makeup off. This year is going to be the best year of your life I can feel it.
Thank you for going to the store to get me Halo Top when I don't want to.
This band totally molded me as a young teenager. So happy to see them again tonight, and see them next month on the warped cruise. A N D Mike Herrera played with them for a song😇🙌🏻