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My Sudowodo came out to do a little dance for me, ain’t he cute!!! #PokemonGOcontest @pokemongoapp
Oh ya know just hanging out with my little buddy Vulpix!! #PokemonGOcontest 😘💋 @pokemongoapp
Like father like daughter!!! So much love!!!!! ❤️ @rockyplayer1
Look at my little rocking the new Julep stickers !!! @julepbeauty @janeparkjulep
My little buddy on Pokémon go!! 98% wonder Pichu!! @rockyplayer1
I have been a fan of Chester since I was about 15 years old, so this is very heart breaking! I am sending all the positive energy I have to his loved ones! May his spirit find closer and peace so he is able to move on and be free from suffering!! Rip chester!
She totally missed me don't let her fool you lol!!! @rockyplayer1
When you're walking around a different city in a state you've never been to before and you trip over the sidewalk and get road rash lol!!! 😂😂😩 no worries though @dangerlyn came to the rescue lol!!! #igotabooboo
When you work for a company that truly loves and appreciates their employees! ❤️ We are a family, Julep family!! @julepbeauty @janeparkjulep #bravepretty #passion #dreambig #yougotthis #abrandthatinspires #abrandforallwomen #abrandforall #empowering #ourcaptainisthebest