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eveski 281w ago
i was just taking Wally outside and saw a baby bunny! he actually hopped over and was like 3 feet away from me. we kept hearing it rustling in the plants but could never get a good look at it. it's so cute!!

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eveski 9h ago
Today is one of those "I can't get myself out of bed" days. I've been having more of these days since the weather is getting cold again. It doesn't help that today is my Monday ugh
eveski 1d ago
From Sam's Orange Is The New Black themed birthday party...😝
eveski 3d ago
I refuse to make a separate Instagram for my dog. Sorry not sorry for the Olive spam, she's just too cute.
eveski 4d ago
I've been waiting for this day for four years, happy 21st to my domestic partner @samanthalyne_ πŸ–€ thanks for always putting up with me, it's been awesome watching you go from an awkward 17 year old to where you are now. Love youuuu xo
eveski 1w ago
Love this little lump more than my cold black heart ever thought I could. Shout out to my partner in crime OJ πŸ–€
eveski 3w ago
This photo is really cute until you know that there's a burrito in my other hand just out of the frame. #willcuddleforfood
eveski 3w ago
Insert obligatory amputated leg beach selfie here.
eveski 3w ago
Walked along the Venice canals today, this solo trip has been full of quiet reflection in beautiful places. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ much needed
eveski 4w ago
Last minute trip to Cali, don't mind if I do. Heading to LA Thursday-Sunday if anyone has any good spots I should hit up, I'm flying solo, lmk
eveski 4w ago
There aren't words to describe how much my heart hurts right now, I can't believe I'm really losing my best friend since I was 5 years old. Rest in peace Jenny Cat, I'll never have another cat quite like you β€οΈπŸ’”
eveski 5w ago
Finally finished my sweet ass tiger shark and added a little filler piece last night. Thanks @shaynapraytattoos for always putting up with me 😘
eveski 9w ago
Finally got my manager shirts, pretty stoked, but when did I become like a real adult and shit?
eveski 9w ago
My main squeeze β€οΈπŸ•
eveski 10w ago
Being artsy fartsy hipster fucks is what we do best. @samanthalyne_
eveski 11w ago
Man 25 is really looking like it's going to be a good year! Had the most amazing time last night with some great ass friends, thanks everyone that came out to play at the barcade!
eveski 11w ago
It was great to spend time with the family for a couple days, I'm definitely the black sheep though lmao
eveski 17w ago
Had way too much fun tonight with my bff of 16 years @ciaoemmy. Drank out of sharks and kicked ass at mortal kombat ❀️🦈