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Our creamery game has been on a high lately. Today we ended up in Redlands #alaminute #california #creamery @dogdrive you have created some legit habits
Ventured out to peddlers creamery for more ice cream and Yuko Kitchen. #peddlerscreamery #yukokitchen
Hot laps in a viper earlier today. Definitely a cool experience to ride around Laguna Seca #dodgeviper #lagunaseca #mazdaracewaylagunaseca #hotlaps
September 2017 and swipe to see November 2011. Santa Cruz Wharf. We definitely aren't perfect but our pictures help us remember perfect moments @sarasuerenee
So apparently I'm going to Laguna Seca this weekend. I won a trip through work. I didn't even know I was in a contest but hey 🤷‍♂️ I'll take it. Also an excuse to take the family to Monterey.
Tundra In for service and well the land cruiser had its own ideas so more maintenance to come #toyota #trdpro #fzj80 #landcruiser #tundra