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This game is fun as hell. Go download the beta if you haven’t already, it’s been extended til Thursday!
Throwback to high school when emo-ry was in a hardcore band
It's been a while since I've been reading comics. What better way to get back into it than by keeping up with @kindafunnyvids required reading for the comics edition of the Kinda Funny Morning Show. Hella stoked for this!
You know you're over when the entire crowd is still singing your entrance music after it's done. #nxttakeover #ShinsukeNakamura #Toronto
Treat yo' self 🎮
psn: ryanxcraig
>who survived?
>somebody new?
>anyone else but you?
>on a lonely night
was a blinding light.
>a hundred leaders
would be borne of you
After a year of being an X Box One exclusive, I finally get to play Rise of the Tomb Raider <3 #LaraCroft #ps4
I've got some catching up to do.
PSN: ryanxcraig 🎮👾
Nothing's gonna change my world 🎶✌🏽