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2017 is NOT turning out like even my weirdest imaginations.
Imagine some better stuff!
We packed for 2 days. We didn't plan on cold coastal weather, extra undies or socks.
When we came to La Playa in Pacifica, we just planned on lunch.
The owner found out we were here from Napa Valley. She went home and brought a bag of her daughter's gently used clothes to us, saving us a boatload of money and bolstering our belief that helping is a win/win.
And if you're in Pacifica? Grab a tasty taco at La Playa. They are the folks keeping the world upright. #napafire
Raising big imaginations has definitely paid off this week, as we have had to rely on our creativity to stay sane. (Today's story was about a sea monster made of barnacles that eats only donuts)
We made it to the sea and can breathe a little easier.
Sadly, the smoke got too bad so we are relocating. (My asthma isn't playing). Three cheers for the folks working to make us safe.
This summer our dryer broke. We hung everything out to dry. They fixed it 2 weeks ago. We can't help it, we still hang out the sheets.
#mealplan #mealplanning #clipboardlife #helpieselfie #dinner #supper #menu
This morning's walking club braved the secret jungle path next to @cindysbackstreetkitchen - don't worry, we made it to school alive.
Hey, hey, hey.
I made a plate today.
P.S. I'm also teaching glass fusing classes this year so you, too, can make a plate today!
"Like poop, cockroaches, spiders, things like that."
October is a big big month. We stay on top of it by planning suppers and busting out the slow cooker a record 3x this week. .
#mealplanning #mealplan #dinner #menu #helpieselfie #clipboardlife #workingmom
Eatin' pancakes in a tree / before we get our flu shots three.
@st.helenafarmersmarket threw a grand pancake party today. I celebrated with my @contimoprovisions lox bagel because, well, it's the best.
The creative leadership team from @pejuwinery worked the heck out of their contemporary art muscles. Rawr. @nimbus_arts #sipandpaint #napavalley
Giving birth to my sister and me has been the strangest part of parenthood.
Sorry, babe, that's going in the Nope pile.
Set a pot up in a tree,
Trap in it your wishes three.
Next time you come out to play,
Add three more for judgement day.