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I’m definitely not a morning rider, but sometimes you make an exception 😉 An amazing way to start the day with some of #natsecgirlsquad and the kickass @cheryoursoul_ at #soulcycledc ! I vote for an evening ride next...
#soulcycle #washdc #dc #washingtondc #14thstreet #feministfightclub
People giggle about #celiac and being gluten free, like it’s something I do for fun. But the reality is, having an auto-immune condition is a big part of my life these days. No gluten, no soy, no lactose, no casein... Only fruits and veggies with a low glycemic index. No soda, no fruit juice, no caffeine. No sulfates. The list keeps growing.
These probiotics and supplements are 1/3 of what I take every day- on a good day.

What happens if I break the rules? Ear infections, hives, psoriatic arthritus, permanent damage to my intestines, stomach cancer. Lots of options!
I am so lucky to have health care that ensures I can get the treatment I need and the financial means for fancy vitamins and organic veggie juice and pasta made entirely of lentils.
Homemade brunch :) Eggs, chicken maple sausage, and sweet potato with kale, apple, spinach juice! Ok obvi I didn’t make the juice.
#glutenfree #soyfree #dairyfree #runningoutoffoodtobeallergictoo #yum #foodporn #brunch #healthyfood #juice #washdc #dc
Scenes from real life.
Trying to change the world is exhausting. Not worth giving up on, but exhausting.
#home #dcstyle #decor #scenesfromlife #reallife #reality
It’s raining. It’s Monday. And it’s #AUSA2017 . #UnicornsintheArmy ?
Pants / Scarf: St. John
Body Suit: American Apparell
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Bag: Steven Allen
#ootd #selfie #gpoy #mirrorselfie #stjohn #caviarbystjohn #stevenallen #samedelman #americanapparel #dcstyle #streetstyle #whatiwore
On our morning walk, we passed a @humanerescue transport van. Normally Miss Zizi is not a fan of cars, especially when we’re on the Conneticut Ave Bridge. But she took one look at that fancy new van and popped up on her back legs to say hello!
A big thank you to our HRA friends like @alixjtolley for working so hard for puppers like #zekeandziva
#dc #adoptdontshop #humanerescuealliance
Dear Internet:
Recently it came to my attention that I accidentially forgot to tell my best friend that I have a little brother. Massive oops on my part.
My parents divorced several years ago, and both parents are happily spending time with other significant others.

My brother’s name is Samuel, and he is 19 months old. I call him Smoosh, or Samuel. He speaks both English and Spanish. He enjoys dogs, driving his mini John Deere tractor, and bagels.
If you have questions, comments, or concerns, I really do not care.
About 7 months ago, I purchased this piece on canvas at the ArtMart in #Havana during a 20 minute break between meetings. This morning I picked it up from the frame store. Yesterday, the US expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from the Embassy here in DC in response to what have been described as “sonic attacks” against US and Canadian diplomats in Havana.
I am so grateful for the time I spent in Havana, and for the opportunity to work on US-Cuba policy. The Cuban government is far from perfect, but the Cuban people are not the Cuban government. Limiting US-Cuba engagement is a mistake. It puts US national and homeland security at risk, limits the potential for peaceful resolution in Venezuela, and continues the deprivation of the Cuban people of vital goods like medicine and healthy food.
This is not the end.
#cuba #cubalibre #art
Look guys! I made #breakfast ! Ok sure it’s chicken sausage and eggs but I made it and put it on a plate and ate it so whatever.
#glutenfree #celiac #maggietriestocook
Hey! You!
The badass staff at #soulcycledc 14th and U are giving 25 members of #natsecgirlsquad and friends a FREE RIDE with @cheryoursoul_ !
When: Monday, Oct 16 at 7am

If you're interested, let me know ASAP!
#soulcycle #dc #washdc #washingtondc #feministfightclub
Thankful for the friends who came to eat 15 pounds of meat with me, and for those who were there in spirit. Even if I do still have a giant pan of brisket left.
I love finding pieces of myself other places, but coming home is always the best part of the adventure. Especially because home means #fedpig brisket forever. And also dogs. But now it's time for bed. Tomorrow means pilates and #soulcycledc with @cheryoursoul_ and farmer's markets and naps. .
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