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This #nofilter haze is from the fires currently spreading across the Columbia River Gorge. The roads and hikes we took yesterday are closed today as people evacuate the area. All from a few teenagers throwing fire crackers into a canyon. // 09.04.17
when your road trip looks like a 70s movie #pnw // 08.31.17
Oregon coast has it all in one🌲⛰🌊 // 08.31.17
Magical forest textures 🌲🌳// 08.30.17
Log piles at the beach on the Olympic peninsula coast line // 08.30.17
Idyllic Seattle, thanks to the ideal hosts 🙏🏻 @jimarg824 @chicakenz // 08.27.27
I found the dahlias that have been missing in my life. They are all in Seattle. // 08.27.17
Starting off vacation sick, delayed, and now deplaned and back in JFK. But at least @delta and @cocacola get a good advertising opp 😐 // 08.26.17
Packed for Switzerland, went to Chicago // 07.25.17
Soho in summer or the pink that persists // 07.20.17
the rain cleared for this beautiful fusion of people, personalities, families, and cultures #simeralyouneedislove // 07.14.17