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  Posted: May 28, 2012 8:58 PM FEED
5 X-Pro II
Jessiebelle got engaged Last weekend, men of the world must be weeping!

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H O M E // 5° air temp, 9 women and a very long hot shower afterwards. #risefierce #wildswimming
Woman vs. Girl // I’ve noticed lately that I have been calling a number of women “girls.” An old habit that maybe I should train myself out of, I'd like to look
look deeper into the issue. The feminist movement worked hard for women to be called “women,” and never girls. The term “girl” was considered diminutive and disempowering - a term associated with being a victim. The use of “woman,” on the other hand, was associated with confidence and power. What do you think?! (And on a side note, if any women want to join me for a week of surf and yoga in the sun, check out the @tickettoridegroup all female trip to Sri Lanka) [photo: @honestcaptain] #tabbybiddle ##ttrsrilanka
#ttrlifesgood #perhapsabitpoliticalfor6am
S R I L A N K A // heading on a womens only surf and yoga retreat in November with @tickettoridegroup. Still a few spaces if anyone else fancies a week going slow in the sun 🌊☀️ [photo: @ricarbravo for @torqsurfboards] #ttrsrilanka
Back to Basics // Back to foundations. Back to keeping it simple and sorting through the facts. Back to the real reason that you wanted to do something in the first place. [photo: @owenmadeup] #chaninichols #wildswimming #risefierce #outdoorswimmingsociety
LIFE AFLOAT // A little thing I wrote for @wavelengthsurfmag about my time at sea earlier this year
THE BEAUTY MYTH // presented by @welooksideways.
In this podcast myself and @barrmatt discuss my move away from “the dream life”, bikini modelling for big surf brands and travelling the world, to slowing things down and immersing myself in the cold waters of Ireland. We discuss female objectification, the toxicity of gender stereotyping in surfing, and the prism of controversies that come along with it. Link in bio. [photo: @owenmadeup]
Some mornings the tides and the swells are against us, some mornings we jump in anyway. [photo: @owenmadeup] #risefierce #wildswimming #safetysoph #outdoorswimmingsociety
Iceland // 1000 miles in 4 days, more rain than you can imagine, 100 kph winds, swam in waterfalls, jumped in glacial lagoons, drank beer in hot springs, surfed fun beachbreaks, drank gallons of coffee, talked shit over radios, got grumpy, got happy, got the job done and had a blast doing it.
Big thanks to good mate Ingo at @arcticsurfers for being a legendary fixer and making it all work like a dream. [photos and words: @jamesbowdown]
#tbt #iceland #coldwatersurf #wildswimming