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Madison slayed this head of mine 😩😍❤️ I'm so inlove!
💙💛My bestie moved in today at Coker & I miss her already..... thank God she's only 45 mins away 😅 So excited that you get to go after your dreams! You'll do great! 😘
So ready to marry my best friend in 100 days 💜💍
No one's ever gonna love ya more than God, your mama, & me 💜 #FGLsmoothtour
Wishing I was stealing cuddles from these 3 instead of adulting today 🙄
Thanks for always putting happy thoughts in my head when my paranoia kicks in 😅💜
Happy 20th Birthday to the loml 💜 you deserve the world, but I hope this kiss can do for now 😘 #turnup #grifgraf #hbd
Father's Day has always been a difficult holiday for me... I'm not gonna rant or elaborate on my personal situation, but I would like to say that I have been very fortunate to have an incredible mother who was guided & given wisdom to be able to be a wonderful mother to me, as well as a father to me. I could never thank her enough for doing that for me!
My Uncle Bubba filled those fatherly duties like taking me fishing on the weekends & riding in his pick up! You have always treated me like your own & I can never thank you enough for that!💜 My Papa showed me how a man should love me unconditionally & treat me like a queen! He has always believed in me & has never let a day go by without an "I love you" or "You are so pretty baby girl" 💜

And although he hasn't always been there for me like a father should, I would like to say thank you to my Deddy.. thank you for once loving my mother & bringing me into this world with her. Thank you for unintentionally making me the strong, individual, hard-working woman that I am today. 💜

I love you all so very much 💜 #fathersday2017
I'm late, but my little fur babies are a year old. 🐶💜🐶 #june7th #furmama
Happy Mother's Day to my mama!!!! 💘 maybe one day God will bless me with precious babies & I hope that I can be at least half the mama you are to me! 💕👭👩‍👧🌷
That's my best friend, that's my best friend 😘