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Finally got my hands on the new Dragonette LP πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»
chamylynn 110w ago
Colin likes fruit and veggies so much he wants to steal my breakfast 😌
chamylynn 201w ago
Already a year old?! Happy belated birthday to my Stars tattoo. Good times.
chamylynn 234w ago
Still one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Who could've inspired these? ;)
chamylynn 240w ago
Probably the coolest pair of lamps I'll ever own.
chamylynn 248w ago
I'm sorry, I can't be productive today. Blame this cat.
chamylynn 252w ago
Jason and I decorated a ginger bread house. #munchies
chamylynn 255w ago
Don't mind me.. I'm just stoned and taking pics of this record sleeve..
chamylynn 256w ago
The wild Sweetpea has been known to blend with it's surroundings...