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You're 28 today?! Happy birthday old man! 👴🏻 I love you to pieces ❤️#hbd #cutie
Does the onslaught of infuriating news have you feeling crazy? Me and Kevin feel the same way! I had a lot of feelings about how to handle it it and I wrote them down. Link is in my bio 🖤✨
What's the most exciting thing I've done all week? Went down to the library and got myself a library card and a couple of books. The question now is which one will I read first?? ✨📚🖤🍂🦄👓🤓

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Do you ever feel like an emotional wreck? ✨And how✨Me too! I have so many feelings, I decided to write about them in a hip new thing the young people call "a blog." Link in the bio! 🖤

Relevant emotional cartoon by: @rubyetc_ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Feeling a bit foggy, sad, confused, outraged, exhausted, etc. today. We can't keep doing this, it's time for a change 💔
"Fuck yeah! Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves.... PUMPKIN EVERYTHING"-Iliza Shesinger✌🏼🎃🖤✨ #Halloween #fall #ilizashlesinger #basicaf
Look at my grandparents serving 👏🏼 looks 👏🏼 Today is their 63rd anniversary and I absolutely unironically mean it when I say they are marriage GOALS ✨💕😍
#tbt to that time my family was a generic stock photo that comes in your picture frame 🤙🏼
Picked up some tricks and treats from @lushcosmetics Halloween collection today ✨👻💀🖤 #spooky #winewednesday #bathtime
Me when I clock out and realize it's only Tuesday 😴😴😴
The Sunday blues showed up and we said NOT TODAY#goangels ❤️⚾️
Revisiting one of my earlier short movies this week got me aching to make more goofy shit 🤓 Zombie Prom is on the abyss of the YouTube somewhere. If y'all are nice I'll send you the link 😉 #ZombieProm #throwbackthursday #ishotitonasonyhandycamdontjudgeme
Kevin and I know how to unwind after a productive day ✌🏼📚💕🤓 not seen: the fan on full blast directly in front of both of us. •

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