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I am a soccer dad! Haha. Emma's team - Starbursts
So glad to be able to join Californians with their new gas taxes.
Hogwarts. Thank you @andreacline for your hospitality and for your playing. Both were great blessings!
27 years of being at Grace Community Church and never once had I taken a pic with John MacArthur. Thankful for @blissfully_lola for making it happen on our trip back.
Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nguyen. Thank you Mike and Jenny.
AZ / NM border. Beautiful country
Drove through a couple of thunderstorms but this one in New Mexico brought its extra light show.
Wasn't the 72oz-er, but it was so, so good.
SoCal sometimes brings on the charm.
If they can, they would stay in there indefinitely.
Too short of a trip to Waco, TX. Must come back soon.