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Gonna miss my morning walk views but ready to head back to Japan tomorrow! Looking forward to surfing one last time today yeiiiii 😆🏄🏻‍♀️
Walked out of the beach access yesterday in Lanikai and gasped 😍seriously. There's no place like home. 😭😊 #lanikai
#nofilter ! so crazy! Looks like the Milky Way made out of magic hour sun beams and...vog!!!
Coming soon to @halelaniterrace omg モンブラン heaven. Mont Blanc Pancakes, Mont Blanc Parfait, Mont Blanc Chiffon Cake. Gonna majorly need to quote some scripture to overcome this temptation. 🤣😫#thedietisruined #icant #ilovefall #halelaniterrace #ハレラニテラス #モンブラン
Heading back to Hawaii (again lol) today. I decided I should just officially state it somewhere since I know I'm going to run into people no matter what. You know, because Hawaii. 😅😂 Anyway, long story short, the visa I applied for didn't go through and I'm getting my Japanese passport instead. So I'll be back for about another 2 weeks. I'm also going to go see my family in LA during these next 2 weeks. Oh and also I needed a photo to post with this announcement so I chose this one from when I caught the most beautiful sunrise in Kahala! 😍🌅
Congratulations to my friends Maiken and Shinsuke who got married last week at Hale Koa! Love you guys!! @maiken_nabarrete and @shinsuke11
Came back yesterday from Hawaii to 2 hula performances today! Justin and I were both asked separately to do a performance in different places to the SAME song on the same day!! Seriously so crazy. Since I had to learn Pua Lililehua for my performance at @kaulanatoyo 's event at @halelaniterrace in the evening, I was able to dance while Justin played uke and sang at the "aloha picnic" earlier on in the day! :) Today was a really fun and interesting experience. Ever since moving to Japan, Justin and I are so much more in touch with Hawaiian music and culture... lol. #halelaniterrace #ハレラニテラス #halelanistudio
Church today @gracehonoluluhi with both our senior pastors! Justin and I are so blessed to have such awesome leaders 😭😆@masatohosoe @hiscallchurch @greggbrenes
Celebrated my 30th birthday this past weekend! So thankful to everyone who made it special :) I've had a lot of time to reflect and I'm just in total awe of God and his faithfulness over the years. I wonder what these next 10 years hold! Also side note, I was blessed with 3 different bday cakes 🎂and a birthday dango set 🍡lol. Back to the diet from tomorrow lol😅#kawabunnagoya #mikuninagoya #halelaniterrace
Finally got to try this dango set from @yagotonodangoya for my bday. :) better than cake 😍 🍡>🎂
Wahahaha found old go pro pics in Justin's computer from like 3 years ago at Kaiser's. Ahhhh can't wait to go surfing when we go home!!!! T_T!!! #thekongalongs #fbf
missing Hawaii T_T. Oh Tonggs. Oh ocean. siiiiigh. #💔
So excited to introduce our new "Mermaid Bowl" that is making its debut tomorrow at @halelaniterrace ! It is a smoothie bowl made with a mango coconut and banana mixture topped with our homemade granola and fruits. The super pretty pastel mermaid colors comes from all natural coloring from Pitaya and Butterfly Pea! Pray it goes viral lol 🤣🙏🏻 #halelaniterrace #ハレラニテラス #名古屋カフェ #ナゴレコ #名古屋インスタ交流会
Just got back from a super fun 48 hour seester-seester trip to Seoul! It was lots of fun hanging out with Yumi and exploring the city for the first time together. 🇰🇷😆
Caught a beautiful sunset tonight on my walk 🙂🌇 Instead of the beach in the foreground, I got the Chuo line. 😂 #nagoyalife