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hdramirez 281w ago

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I had expectations for the eclipse but what I saw was practically unimaginable.
Video: @sir_robbins
Movie night! Guess who's childhood is coming to the big screen?
So I wanted to know how it tasted.. So Nintendo decided to coat the cartridge is a bitter substance to childproof the games and I wanted to know how intense it was.
Packing the last bit of my things before heading out and I ran into my old rave shoes. oh it's seen some good days.
Stressing out about being an adult. So I did the most childish act I could think of and started to scribble..
Every time I start to feel like an adult I impulsively buy something.. It's not that I screwed just being an adult is no fun.
Hair finally grew out but pretty sure it's too long now..
This is what happens when I add my mom on snapchat..
Finally out and just can't wait for school
Finally in finally leaving for basic. Goodbye New York you will not be missed!!!! #basictraining #airforce
Ok so got my top pick job awesome. Leave in not even a week. Finally excited and idk what to do with myself.. #basic #EOD #airforce