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{deserted} sorry for such a boring photo😔 I'll be going to the beach in about a week, I'll get pictures then! 😄

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clownin' around at a haunted house tonight 🎃👻💀🐱🦇
three straight days immersed in the artform I hold most dear. some spectacular music-making happened this weekend🤘
spent an evening resisting the unfathomable urge to sing a certain Disney song... ✨
channeling all of the college-girl roommate movies by cutting our own bangs in the bathroom✂✂
featuring a wardrobe change by Alex because she "got too hot."
last saturday I was moving in to a new apartment in west campus. a week later, i can officially say that I've completed:
✔family dinner with these cute roomies
✔first day of school!
the literal dance floor had better moves than I did last night!!?
a few last Parisien memories before we depart! this time in France has meant more to me than I can express in words, so I won't even try. France, je te manquerai profondément. a bientôt!
the younger me that pinned pictures of the eiffel tower to "wanderlust" pinterest boards is crying tears of joy. it's everything I dreamed🗼🌃
i think i could spend a week in an art museum and never get bored. musée d'orsay helped me further prove that theory.

also ran into @sarahmadisonfloyd there!??? what are the odds?
took a tour all over Normandy today. lots of history, lots of beautiful sights, lots of amazing stories.

visited pointe du hoc, omaha beach, the american cemetery + memorial, gold beach in arromanches, and the caen-normandie memorial
didn't quite have time to explore all 2,000 rooms, but then again I don't think Louis XIV ever did either??
not exactly what I expected from my first day in Paris, but here we are🐦
we did this. we endured six weeks of crazy rehearsals and navigating foreign lands all while developing stellar meme-based coping mechanisms. we learned to be flexible and to laugh instead of scream. we made amazing music. i spent almost every minute of every day with these 30 people and have come to love and care about them so much that it's startling. je leur manquerai tellement.
we put on a good show y'all! right-toe!
visited the Musée des Beaux-Arts yesterday!! literally spent hours there and was completely blown away🖌
had a crazy busy week: recitals and dress rehearsals and meeting new friends and visiting the castle once again