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exoxorry 145w ago
#1000dayswithexo !!! Ugh i'm so sick of slow wifi but happy new year even though i'm a day late 😁😁
exoxorry 146w ago
Not really skilled in editing but i find it fun ^^ #fx #krystal #bias
exoxorry 146w ago
Hey guys! So has it been months? Omg i miss this account so much! A lot has changed in the kpop world, right? I know, i know... But i haven't been catching up much. I'm here to tell you guys that i want suggestions on what to post in this account. Macros? Edits? I don't want to promise anything yet but i'll try to reconsider about being active here. My current state is not really free yet since i have to transfer school soon (again) and start in the mid-semester, WHICH IS RIDICULOUS AND CRAZY. My life's messy reall
exoxorry 177w ago
I can't believe they both are the same person --- OH MY GOD HELLO PEOPLE! So i just finished my exams and i'm on holiday!!! I missed being active in this account so much >< oh and yes, i've heard the news about kris and *le cries* ok don't wanna get too emotional rn. But hellp once again ;) (psst i'm not really sure if i'm going to be active again but i'll stop by to say hello)
#exo #exom #luhan
exoxorry 186w ago
Sometimes I just don't understand why. Just why. #exo #exom #luhan #luhannie #monalisa #fantaken
exoxorry 188w ago
"You only like exo bcs of their looks" hm????? #exo #exok #exom